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For thousands of years, herbs have been used in the preparation of medicines and cosmetics. In those days, such herbs were grown in small herb gardens nearby where people lived.
Today, people around the world continue to search for healthy and natural products. Green Mark Herbs brings fresh produce into the modern home.

The value of fresh herbs


As recently , fresh herbs were limited to parsley, coriander, dill, and celery. The other spices, such as basil, oregano, or thyme, were available only as low-quality stale dried leaves.  Some of the available array of herbs had the same taste, texture and smell... difficult to distinguish between the spices!

Today, you can get a wide range of fresh herbs from the farms of Green Mark Herbs.  We understand the EU and Russian markets, 

Quality Assurance

We are your partner to bring your customers the best product possible. 

We maintain the freshness of the home garden.

At the same time, your customers can feel good about supporting our farm's local community in Ethiopia, who are working very hard for your customers all over Europe.

Herbs & Vegetables

It is no secret that eating fresh herbs and vegetables every day provide nutritional value and other remarkable benefits.

Shipping our herbs  will provide your customers with the best product available, as fresh as a private garden.


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